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Monday, 24 November 2014

*~*FREE eBooks*~*

I have just set up a new page for my FREE eBooks!

In the current climate, it is getting harder to give books away. There are many reasons for this, but the main one (in my opinion anyway) is that mainstream publishers are doing promos everyday. You can now get a "known" author for under a £1.

This is great news for us readers, but not so great for indie authors. The competition is hot and fierce.

Also, reviews are still hard to comprehend. Are they genuine? Some books have tell-tale signs... the ones with fifty 5 star ratings and five 1 star ratings that say "why does everyone give this book a five?"

At least, my low reviewers have gone to extensive lengths to explain why they didn't like it. This may not be great for me to read, but they see some merit in what I've done... it just wasn't for them! (Well, apart from a few weird ones...)

Anyway, please help me spread the word if you enjoy my work. I appreciate the support & need some encouragement so that I persevere and keep writing! (I always think of NEMO here... keep swimming!)

Have a great day,

p.s. Please check out my reviews on Goodreads & Amazon for recommendations!


  1. I know what you mean, Vanessa, especially when you get a sudden and discourage dip when nothing happens at all on the sales front.I've recently had the dumbest 1 star review ever. The reader just said 'didn't read it'. Why bother with that? Keep writing dear. You are very good and you know you have to!!

  2. Some people just like being mean... sorry to hear, Val :(

  3. I love Nemo and use that phrase a lot when I'm trying to chivvy myself along! Do keep going Vanessa, your hard work will pay off I'm sure.