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I think VD is a touchy subject for a lot of people. Basically, if you don't have a date or partner you resent having it rubbed in your nose - I certainly did when I was single! And if you are in a relationship/ married, you might resent having to go and buy something just BECAUSE everyone tells you to.

But, I look at this philosophically.

We all need to earn a living. And so, if on one day restaurants can create a "warm and loving" environment, retailers can offload some "tasteful" stock, authors can flog a bunch of "romantic" stories, and people are allowed to say "I LOVE YOU" without someone thinking they want something... then, why not?

Of course, this is based on the stuff on offer being up to scratch.

Many, many years ago... B.C. (before children) my now husband and I decided to go out for a meal on VD. We had not booked, which was a fatal mistake! We cruised around the restaurants, found the balloons cheesy, and the menu's over-priced, and decided (because we are both of the prudent type - i.e. skinflints!) to go and make something nice at home instead. So, yes I ended up cooking, but we had a lovely meal, watched a soppy DVD and then... had a lovely evening :0)


The point is, its a day to spend some time together, stop and say how you feel.

So, yes I have actually got my husband a great VD present this year, and a romantic card and I have no idea what we are doing tonight (probably not much in this weather) BUT, I plan to remember why I love him... and that's what I suggest to you.

Whether in a relationship or not, tell someone you love them today!

However, if you're not bothered about VD AT ALL, then why not do something good, support a great cause and buy this charity anthology which I published last year? It features lots of lovely authors and has a few cynical stories to boot. Go on, you know you want to...


OR.... you can have three short stories I wrote for under a £1!
FIRST DATE (Love & Regrets)

OR, if you want something with a bit of a kick and CHEAP, i.e. FREE, then read my debut novel, HYBRID
Either way, don't look outside (if like me you are staring at doom & gloom), lose yourself in a book, and use those three precious words.


Have a great weekend!

Vanessa :) xx

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