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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Books for sale in a "real" shop!!!

I am so excited - my books are now for sale in a real shop - "Gurnard Newsagents" run by a lovely couple, Brian and Chris Brazier, for 22 years!

I had to take a picture of Brian pricing them up, and he kindly agreed to a photo shoot at the front of the shop.

This means my books are now being sold via Amazon, the Indie Popup Bookshop and a real shop...


They are stocking three of my books on a trial basis to see how it goes:


GURNARD'S BOOKS OF DELIGHTS - in aid of Gurnard Primary School

READING IS MAGIC - in aid of the NSPCC

This newsagents is at the heart of the Gurnard community, in Gurnard on the Isle of Wight. They sell newspapers, magazines, stationery, toys, etc... it is a brilliant shop!

If you happen to visit the Island, then drop on by and say hello or you can contact them via email gurnardnews@hotmail.com

Thanks for reading,

Vanessa :) xx

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  1. aw yay, as I told you earlier, I mentioned you in my blog today, http://brighteyedjess.tumblr.com/

    Please check it out. I hope sales of your books go well!